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Not as beautiful as Bispen, but still a pretty decent walk. 

Bispen, Trollstigen - Norway

In a desperate attempt to get back in shape after a lazy semester break, hours at the library and way too much good food during my Asia-travel, I decided to join my father for a mountain hike up Bispen, a 1460 meter high mountain above sea-level. Liters of sweat, thousands of swear-words and a lot of breaks later, we finally reached the top - and it was definitely worth it! 

Sunny days, smoothies and milkshake on the porch, long rides, late nights, fresh fruit, chilly swims in the ocean, tall mountains to climb

Life on this side of the planet is pretty decent as well

I miss my city more than anything in the world right now. 

It is good to be back! 

Home, but not home.
I’m back home in Norway, and should feel excited about that. Instead, I feel empty. Norway might be my home, but it does not feel like home any longer. I miss New Zealand a lot, and nothing would have made me happier than moving back with my horse - and that is exactly where the problem is. The other side of the earth is quite a distance for a horse to move. 

Home, but not home.

I’m back home in Norway, and should feel excited about that. Instead, I feel empty. Norway might be my home, but it does not feel like home any longer. I miss New Zealand a lot, and nothing would have made me happier than moving back with my horse - and that is exactly where the problem is. The other side of the earth is quite a distance for a horse to move. 

After three days in Korea, I’m finally heading back home! I’m posting this at the airport right now, bored to death after 3 hours of waiting already… Only 4 more to go! 

Korea is quite different from Norway. Down here, everybody is trying to be as pale as possible, and they all dress up even if it’s just for a quick shop down at the local supermarket.  There has been no girls with messy buns whatsoever to spot in the streets of Seoul. Clearly, plastic surgery is a popular thing down her. With wide eyes, huge breasts and blond hair, I guess you could say they try to copy the western-look. I went to a pool-party at Hamilton Hotel and was horrified by all the barbie-dolls i saw at the pool. The worst part? They were all over 30 years old! But to be fair, I saw a lot of beautiful girls in the streets of Seoul. The style, the hair and the make-up was as close to perfection as a girl without the Hollywood-stylist team in her closet will ever be able to pull off. 

I’m flying with a Russian airline today, and has to make a transfer in Moscow. I’m a bit nervous about that part. I do have 1,5 hours, but I have no idea on how to make my way to the gate. Who ever decided all airports should have a english translation - i fucking love you! 

Auckland, Rangitoto, Waiheke, Rotorua, Matamata, Wellington, Paihia, Russell, Waitangi, Coromandel Peninsula, Hot Water Beach, Queenstown. Thank you for everything, beautiful New Zealand. 

After 6 hectical days with a lot of traveling, sightseeing and early nights at the hotel, my time in Vietnam has come to an end. It is a bitter-sweet farewell. I’m definitely not going to miss the intense heat, the lack of wind and the way too long stairs up to my hotel room, but the massages and the clothing-stores is another thing… 

After almost 24 hours with traveling, and three different plains, it’s good to finally have reached Korea. I’m only gonna stay here for 3 short days, but at this point, I think that is more than enough. In fact, the next plain I’m getting on is the one taking me back to Norway! 

Throwback from Singapore!

Throwback from Singapore!

After three days in Vietnam, I’m starting to realise that the 10-photos limit set by tumblr is becoming a problem. As my previous problem was to find a photo in the first place to post, this is all very new to me. Perhaps I have to start writing daily posts instead of trying to summarize one month with only ten photos to show to. Can’t wait for my 2014-blogpost…. Even the June-post is going to be a problem this time.

Vietnam was a strange change of environment for me. After seeing ridiculously tall buildings with the luxury to please even the pickiest rich-bitch, Hoi An was the complete opposite. Garbage and people lived right next to each other, and sometimes is was hard to separate their house from the ruins of previous ones. The traffic was heavy as well. It is not every day you see a whole family packed together on the very same scooter, cruising down the road. As long as the object had wheels, you were allowed to drive it on the highway - or atleast I think it was a highway? Sometimes the roads were so small you felt like you were practically driving through someone’s livingroom. But we got used to it! 

Hoi An still had it’s charm, and after half a day it did not look too scary anymore. We took a half-day trip to see the ruins of previous ancient temples, and cruised down the river back to Hoi An. My already-pretty-full suitcase got even fuller that day, as we walked straight into a street filled with tailors and shoemakers. What better way to end a long day in the heat? A short walk down to the beach, a full body-massage and some beers out in the city later, I can’t even remember hitting the pillow with my head. 

The once-so-scary traffic was starting to make sense to us by the next day, so we decided to give it a go and rented a bicycle. Dressed in a straw-hat, I’ve never felt more local in a new city!(and sweaty, and scared, and exhausted, and dehydrated) 

After only one day, I picked up my dress and skirt. Vietnam is the best country in the world for shopping! Show them a picture of what you want, and they will make it for you. It’s times like these you completely forget what you like, and have no clue on what they should make for you. At least my wallet did not lose too much weight, and my suitcase barely grew fatter - and I have the perfect excuse to why I need to come back another year! 

After spending another morning at the airport, I’m now stationed in Hanoi! One simply can’t visit Vietnam without going to Halong Bay! 


Singapore is without doubt one of the most amazing countries I’ve ever been to! Skyscrapers, the architecture, the beaches, the harbour, the parks, the luxury - and the people! Never have I ever met more genuinely kind people. Whenever I was lost and had no clue on how to get back to my hotel - or where my hotel was in the first place, people would come running to help me with their google-maps or by general knowledge. I felt welcomed and at home from the very first day! 

Despite the previous statement, I still felt a little homesick. Luckily for me, Safeena was kind enough to put on a hat and run around with her camera. All she was lacking was the fanny-bag and a cigaret in her mouth, and it would have been just like the old days - traveling with my mum! 

Sentosa is a paradise-island with everything you need to have a perfect day out. Beaches, Universal studios, Water Worlds, Cable Car, entertainment and several other parks. The bar down at the beach became my favourite-spot, as I decided to leave the bikini back home and man up for a bikini-wax. Didn’t grow ball’s big enough that day either..  Despite a pizza tasting like turkish pepper, I had a great time! 

I’ve been a lazy photographer during my time in New Zealand - I didn’t even bring a proper camera down! This vacation, what so ever, I decided to snap a bouch a memories from. The trick is to travel with an Asian(no hate). Therefore, I can not take credit for the photos - but I might as well share them anyway! 

After just one day out in the sun, I finally got my summer-tan! The trick was to travel to equator.. 

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I left for Queenstown already! Last monday I was freezing my ass off in winter-wonderland Queenstown. After a beautiful ride though many of the filmset from The Lord of The Rings, Narnia, The Hobbit and The Wolverine, we took a cable-car up the mountain, and had a few drinks before we tried the american bars with their mechanical bull! Queenstown is indeed beautiful, but the most memorable thing I experienced down here was the Devil’s burger. It is heaven fitted between two patterns. best. burger. ever!

6 days later, and I’ve been to Auckland, Singapore and is now currently in Vietnam! I’ve been living at the airport, in other words… But despite all the traveling, there has been a lot of time exploring some of the beautiful places I’ve been lucky enough to visit. The last good-bye in Auckland was hard, and I really am going to miss the city and all the amazing people I met during my time as a student at AUT.

Instead of taking the easy way straight home, we ended up booking several flight to different cities and countries around Asia. After two magical days in beautiful Singapore, slow days on the beach or cruising down the rivers in Vietnam is just what I need to charge my batteries for hectical Seoul. Updates with photos is coming. Unfortunately, I’ve come to learn that Wifi is not always available in Asia…